Minnesota’s an Enabler, a Fighter, and a Modern State All in One

We’ll start off with the enabling bit, as it also has a humorous story to it. Apparently, Minnesota, for years, was prejudiced against commercial Bingo playing. They even had limited the amount of senior citizen Bingo games to twice a week. Personal injury attorney Bobby Zirkin says a law passed to help the simplification of gambling has changed that. Now, Grandma, Grandpa, and Crazy Old Uncle Harris can all play Bingo as much as they want within the confines of their nursing homes. Minnesota is enabling the gambling addiction that is Bingo, with grandma betting her dentures when she runs out of her cash flow that night.

Minnesota is Fighting ISIS

Terrorism has established enough of a proposed pipeline in Minnesota that the state has taken action to counter terrorism recruitment. This legislation was spurred by the news that several of Minnesota’s sons were attempting to join ISIS. Minnesota is going to spend a quarter of a million dollars on counter terrorism in the coming year. As a public service announcement to Minnesotans: If you want out, move away when you go to college and make sure to have an accident attorney in your back pocket.

Minnesota has Joined 21st Century Trends!

Minnesota has jumped on two 21st century trends recently. The first is that Minnesotans have adopted Uber and Lyft just as the rest of the country has. Strange concept to allow complete strangers to drive you around but that is how taxis work too, so it is in the same category. Minnesota is going to require Rideshare drivers to obtain higher liability on their insurance for when they are driving others and on the job. It is their attempt to ensure that Minnesotans stay safe out there. contact a Baltimore accident attorney.

Minnesota also legalized medicinal marijuana, and while that is not completely legalizing it; it is providing a stepping-stone to see how carefully screened individuals handle legalized marijuana. It’s all about baby steps with these changes, not one massive sweep with a new policy in its wake.  However, people in Minnesota, including the doctors prescribing the new medicine, are feeling very skittish about this particular new law. Here’s to hoping it goes over well.

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