Mississippi Destroys an Effective Tax

In Mississippi’s new laws, they went after drivers who text simultaneously, they banned stickers that proved a car had verifiably been checked and took care of some other loose ends along the way.

Texting Can Get You Killed

While doing research of the new law, a poorly worded article suggested that texting was banned in Mississippi. As intexting in general was banned. That would be a bold step for any form of government. It would quite possibly end in anarchy against the Governor of Mississippi and the rest of the state government. Upon further research, it turns out that they simply banned texting while driving. Yet another state that is trying to protect its citizens by taking out the distractions of the road and refocus their eyes on the road.

While not as serious as driving under the influence, texting and driving is still a serious matter. If you’re up against any DUI charges, make sure to contact DUI lawyer Edmonton Michel Fontaine.

It will be interesting to see if any of the states that have banned texting will wage a war on the other electronics on the dash of cars. With built in GPS, Bluetooth answering services with buttons on the wheel, and a million different stations on XM radio, there are other distractions condoned by everyone in the automobile industry.

Getting Rid of the Stickers

For years, Mississippi has made money from taxpayers in one of the most well thought out ways for a tax. Mississippi charged five dollars for a car to be fully inspected for safety. If the car passed, the owner received a sticker that indicated their car’s clean bill of functionality. However, the legislature decided to do away with these stickers.

This legislation is one of the most controversial decisions of all of the new laws coming into their legality in all of these states simply because it is doing away with a tax that citizens felt comfortable with. Mississippians loved knowing that cars worked the way they were supposed to while being able to visibly see it on the road. People in favor of having the stickers cite the comfort of buying a used car that is in working condition, and knowing that it would help eliminate needless accidents. It will surely be something to keep an eye on, considering there could be a spike in traffic accidents!

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