New England Region Facing New Laws

Many of the states in the New England region are getting ready to roll out some new laws for their citizens. Each of these states has some things going on that they need to correct or that they felt could be improved. Some might require you to seek out a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer.

This tiny state has implemented three main laws that are going to be prevalent in the coming years. The first is that the courts are taking over command of the sexual offender registry. They have had issues with inaccurate reports of who the true sex offenders are. Secondly, they have created criminal repercussions for sending out revenge porn to fight back against someone you have a disagreement with. Finally, they have added in an innocent owner clause to the landowner of a piece of land where animal fighting is happening.

Rhode Island

Meanwhile, in the smallest state in the Union, the definition of hotel has change to help generate cash flow for the coming year. The definition of a hotel in Rhode Island now covers the small bed and breakfasts as well as private home rentals. Rhode Island is hoping that from making this change, they will make roughly $7 million in new tax revenue.


The state of Massachusetts has enacted one of the most comprehensive sick pay laws to date. It is being proclaimed one of the strongest in the nation. The plan allows for employees to accrue 40 hours of sick pay a year. So, for nearly a third of Massachusetts’s employees, they can gain a week of sick pay for putting in roughly thirty hours at work. What this does is it puts small business owners in a bit of a pickle since they rely heavily on part-time employees.

New Hampshire

Finally, in New Hampshire, they have taken steps to get phones and other gadgets out of the hands of drivers and into cup holders and glove compartments. There are tiered fines based on the number of times you are apprehended for an offense. However, the one loophole to the law (other than getting the best slip and fall attorney)is that the driver is still allowed to read text messages, just not type responses and send them!

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