Virginia Enacts Multiple Laws, Some More Relevant Than Others

Don’t worry readers; we will start with the relevant new laws first. They are far more important than some of the others that we will get to, though that is in the eye of the beholder I presume. First, employers have lost the ability to require social media passwords and usernames. This law seems to be a response from those that thought their knowledge of social media privacy settings was enough to hide their ill advised uploads. A Chicago accident lawyer might help you here.

Virginia has also decided a few of their traffic laws needed updating. First, they legalized the crossing of double yellow lines to pass pedestrians and cyclists on the sides of the road. In other words, they made it legal to do what you were already doing Virginians! Also, they have empowered their citizens to appeal tickets received by means of red-light cameras. Those pesky things catch everything.

Hooray Equal Rights

Two laws that passed into legislation pertain to equal rights. One is the law that allows women to breast feed in any public place she is occupying, provided she is there legally. The second law is a law that has legalized an addition to a marriage certificate. Apart from the traditional selections of “bride” and “groom,” Virginia has added the option of designating one’s self as spouse. Naturally, it would seem this came on the heels of the revolutionary Supreme Court decision everyone has been writing about.

Virginia Workplaces are Hard on the Eyes

Apparently, Virginia has had enough eye related injuries within their workplaces to warrant an updated workplace safety bill. The bill requires notification of any eye related injuries, specifically eye loss injuries. Don’t poke an eye out has taken on an all too real meaning in Virginia.

Now, For the Statriotic (State Patriotism) Laws

Despite the made up word in the title, Virginia must be teaming with state pride to pass this particular law. They have officially declared two state songs. The first, a more traditional song, is “Our Great Virginia.” The popular state song of Virginia has been crowned as well, with the title going to “Sweet Virginia Breeze.” It appears Virginia was confused about what their state songs were, so they went ahead and made it official

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